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There is much adventure when someone takes a safari down to Africa especially if one has been working for a whole year without a rest. It becomes even more exciting if a person plans for the safari and locates the most affordable package out there. Locating the destinations to visit, the mode of transport to […]

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Description: Many couples are looking for something different for their honeymoons and many are turning to adventure honeymoons. Many are looking for ways to be inspired and they want to know that they have done something beyond what they would normally experience.

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Adventure ranks high as a reason for taking up bicycling as a sport. However, ranking right up there with challenging your body to do more and the adrenalin rush of competing against yourself is the social aspect. Anyone watching the Tour de France can attest to the fact that bicycling as a sport is both […]

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Here are 10 of the best tips for round the world travellers, courtesy of round the world specialists Travel Nation From A to B to C Arrange the places you want to go in a rough geographic order. You don’t have to be going the same direction all the time, but you can save stacks […]

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Biosphere 2 is in disarray. The three-acre glass and steel structure 20 miles north of Tucson on Arizona Highway 77 is still one of the technological wonders of the world, but it has fallen on hard times since the University of Arizona took it over a year ago. Built in the late ’90s at a […]